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One of the other things that I enjoy about local bait and tackle shops is that they often carry old stock – things you wish you could still buy, but can’t.  Old Rapala’s, Lucky Craft – you name it.  I enjoy finding quality American Made lures by once respected companies before they shipped their manufacturing overseas.

Although there’s a lot of cheap overseas made knock-off junk lures to be found in some local shops (again, due to competitive disadvantage), one shouldn’t be too hasty to ignore all of them.  They may be cheap and cheaply made, but sometimes they can be improved upon with upgraded hooks and be just different enough to give you an edge.  It’s a bonus that they won’t hurt your pocket book.

Finally, the number one reason I love mom & pop bait and tackle shops is the expertise and knowledge that can be found there.  You can bet that much of what is in their inventory was selected because it works on the waters nearby.  The folks running these shops also tend to know what’s biting where, and what they’re biting on.  This is something you are unlikely to find in big box stores.  In fact, it is more often than not that the people I’ve encountered in the fishing sections of these mega-stores don’t know diddly-squat about fishing, let alone the local waters.

In the upcoming weeks, I plan to showcase a few of these shops in Western New York.  Look for the first of these articles (Silver Trail Outfitters) in this issue of WNY Fishing Magazine.  If you have any local shops that you think we should feature, be sure to comment or email to let us know.

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