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Big box sporting goods stores.  Some love them.  Some hate them.  Most buy stuff from them.  We all know who they are, so I won’t mention there names, especially because this article is not about them.Silver Trail Outfitters

Yes, I too frequent the mega-bass stores, but I absolutely love mom & pop local bait and tackle shops and actively seek them out while traveling to less familiar waters in Western New York.  There are many reasons why I do this.

I am continually amazed at the fishing treasures I often find in them.  In the age of uber fishing trends where mega-fishing star personalities (you know who they are) drive hordes of anglers to purchase the latest and greatest baits and techniques, finding something a little different than the masses can give you an edge.

Although they may carry popular brands of baits, local bait and tackle shops aren’t able to compete on price point with the big box stores.  If you’re looking for a bargain on these things, it ain’t likely to happen.  However, with today’s fuel prices, paying an extra buck or two locally instead of driving a distance, you might just come out ahead.  I encourage you to do the math yourself to see if this is the case.

Due to the competitive disadvantage, local bait and tackle shops often carry unique locally produced (hand poured) plastics – some of them their own brands.  They may try to emulate popular brands, but more often than not, have different design features and colors that can’t be had anywhere else.

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