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On the contrary to the fisherman in the city, there is the urbanite who would like to become one who fishes. Many urban dwellers have little understanding of the “sportsman” lifestyle. Sports and entertainment, like baseball, football, and hockey, along with music, theater, and other cultural exhibits are common interests for many born and raised in our metro areas.

Although entertaining in their own respects some may feel they are missing out on a little piece of Americana and may find fishing an intro to becoming or at least grazing the surface of being an all around sportsman. You don’t need a truck, boat, trailer, a ton of gear or even a car to gain access to our local waters. A rod, reel, hook, sinker and a few worms may be all it takes to get hooked. Lack of storage and on street parking need not be a deterrent. Just strap a rod to a backpack, grab a snack and drive, bike, skate, walk, or even hop a bus to a river, harbor or bay near you.
By land or by sea some of the hottest times to do some city limits fishing happen to be well, when it’s not so hot outside. The near shore action for both shore and boat fisherman is prime during the spring and fall months around city harbors and piers.

Depending on water levels a moderate steelhead run can be targeted by anglers in the buffalo river and its tributaries in mid march through mid April. This run is followed immediately by an influx of smallmouth bass in the same near shore waters and tributaries. This can be one of the most exciting times to catch the infamous Lake Erie small mouth especially by shore anglers. The near shore action stays consistent through late May to early June just before the regular bass season opens. There are also many opportunities for near shore walleye perch and northern pike in similar areas. Similar situations occur in the fall as water temperatures cool and the big bass go on a final feeding frenzy to get them through the winter.

So whether you have everything you need, or still need everything, chances are it’s easier to get out on the water than may be expected. If you fish every day or are just looking for a day to fish, the opportunity may be closer in both reality and distance than imagined. Pick a spot close by, and give it a try, every angling adventure is a learning experience. Often times the areas the closest by and most convenient are overlooked and under fished.

You may not always find the fish of a lifetime, but there may be a lifetime of fish and fun to catch. Next time you think the city is only for high rise buildings, sports stadiums, clubs and museums, take a closer look at the water that runs though and around it, and more importantly what may be swimming in it.

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