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The urban fisherman; there are 2 types of urban fisherman. First the avid fisherman forced to live in an urban environment do to their occupation, financial situation or other factors. Although this individual has ample resources including most importantly a truck, trailer, and boat along with loads of tackle to make even the pros jealous, they are forced to fish in an urban environment due to time and travel limitations as well as proximity to more remote bodies of water to fish.

Urban Fishing in WNY

Second there is the average resident that lives and works in an urban or suburban area that is, or would like to become a fisherman but is limited by their location, resources and equipment available. Both of these extremes from the ones who have it all, to the ones who wish they had it all can find ample angling opportunities to catch the fish of a lifetime within their lifetime, and lifestyle for that matter.
For those who fish often there will always be places where you know you will get a decent catch or at least a guarantee of filling the live well. Perhaps it’s a secret family honey hole, a remote untouched body or stretch of water, or even a private stocked and managed lake or pond. These areas and waters may always be available but you may not always have the ability or availability to get to them. For most who dwell within or near the city limits somewhere in WNY it is pretty obvious that there is water around.

Whether it is Rochester, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Dunkirk or anything in between although not always ideal there is easy access to large and vast waters. From Irondequoit Bay in Rochester, to the inner and outer harbor areas of Buffalo, many angling opportunities exist. Nearly every popular game fish of WNY can be found within these City Limits and a close drive for urban or suburban residents. Only have a few hours after work, or want to sneak out before an important family function? Hook up the trailer and head to a boat launch in a city near you.

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