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Totally Tubular – The Art of Fishing Tubes

He suggested that we float down to Motor Island and that’s where we found everybody and their brother who wanted to fish that day. When it came right down to it we started to run drifts in about 13 feet of water dragging tubes on bottom. We each hooked up into two smallies and were very pleased. Time restraints took us off the water sooner than we would have liked but tubes proved to be the trick for us that day.

Fishing Tubes Look at the market for tubes right now and how the manufacturers are make bi and tri laminate tubes that mimic bait fish not just Goby or crawfish. There are some companies making 6” tubes for punching and then the other end of the spectrum there are 1.5” tubes. All of these can catch bass, but I seem to keep using the 3.5” length that I started with because I know they work.

Again, I don’t know why but, they work. I will continue to buy other lures and mess around with different techniques because that’s what a fisherman does. We hear about a new lure or technique and we try but not all of them stick with us, but for me there will always be room for tubes in my tackle box.

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