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Totally Tubular – The Art of Fishing Tubes

When they returned from their travels I was handed a bag of tubes, not senkos. I was not a happy camper because the senkos were working great. My initial thoughts on the tubes were not positive just based on the fact that there was nothing to them. They were squishy and had tentacles. What bass is going to eat a little squid looking thing like that? I was certain that it was a gimmick lure and that they would be off the shelves soon enough. As we all know I was way wrong.

Fishing Tubes

I took one of these weird looking things and tossed it into a pond just to try it out. I had a fish my first cast. I have had lots of success with tubes since then as well. It seems to be that every season, from spring to fall, you can use a tube and catch bass as long as you can get near the hatch color.

The last weekend in April Randy and I took a trip to Strawberry/Motor Island area on the Niagara River. Randy was able to hook up with a couple garbage fish early with a jerk bait but no bass.

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