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Money and Time Saving tackle tips

With the April 1st trout opener in the books it’s officially “fishing season”. Whatever species or style of fishing you prefer we must prepare for the season in some way or another. Unless you are an FLW or Bassmaster Elite pro you’re probably going to spend a few bucks on seasonal tackle preparation. Here are a few tips that will hopefully make this process a little easier on the wallet and improve your experience on the water.


Freshly Spooling Reels

For most cast and retrieve style fishing there is no need to ever empty your spool. Unless you in strive to “cast a mile”, literally, or plan to get into fish that will empty your spool, replacing the entire spool of line is basically a waste of time and money.

The average casting or spinning reel will hold on average 100-200 yards of appropriate line depending on reel size and line diameter. Unless trolling deep or spooling reelstargeting a drag stripping species the average caster won’t use more than 50 yards of line during any given cast, retrieve, fight and landing of most WNY fish species.

If you have a full spool of line on a reel empty about half and discard. Tie a splice style knot and continue to re-spool as normal. This will make the price of premium lime a little more bearable and allow it to last a little longer. For new reels either do a reel to reel transfer or grab a large quantity of cheap mono-filament specifically for backing.

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