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Surfing the Wind – Kayak Fishing in Windy Conditions

I started to do the same thing and had greater success due to the fact that I was spending more time with my lure in the water and less time monkeying around with my positioning. It is almost like you are surfing the wind when you get it just right and can be successful.

During the Heroes on the Water event at Canadice Lake, our friend Mike was privy to the anchor he had on his kayak. He was anchoring himself into position on a rock shelf. Since that wasn’t an option for me last year there were certain days that getting on the water just didn’t work out due to the blustery conditions.

While watching some actual boats this last weekend on the Niagara River it came to me that it might be at advantage to play the wind and the current. I looked up some alternatives to anchoring as a way to beat the wind and the best option I found is a traditional drift chute.

Surf to Summit makes and adjustable drift chute that changes from 11” in circumference to 54” in circumference. It seems to me that this could be a valid option in my kayaking essentials. My wife purchased a 3.5 pound anchor for me this past Christmas and need to buy a trolley kit so that I can use in on my kayak this year. I will be doing a little more research into such options and giving them a try. Hopefully, I can check back in and tell you what I have found but until then, tight lines and God bless.

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