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Surfing the Wind – Kayak Fishing in Windy Conditions

We purchased our first yaks and really enjoyed them. We went from lake Erie to the Finger Lakes over that first year with them and had a great time. The only issue that we both had was the wind. Both of us were in our beginning stages of fishing and didn’t quite understand that how to control the boat and still be able to fish at the same time.

I got very frustrated on a day on a large pond we were fishing. The wind was so strong that I couldn’t even concentrate or have fun fishing.

This seemed to be a theme as time went on. Instead of fighting the wind like I had been I watched Paul and Kevin on Hemlock Lake one day last year and noticed that they would set themselves up so that the wind would carry them along the shore line.

This allowed them to make several casts before having to reposition themselves to do it again. They were getting more fishing in than just paddling to keep still.

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