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Silver Trail Outfitters

The best feature of this shop is Jeff.  He is very knowledgeable AND sells his own line of quality hand poured plastic baits.  He also carries another line of plastics that are of good quality and value that can be found in colors and shapes.  I can’t wait to try these plastics out in the upcoming weeks.

Key Features

-Cafe in the front with comfortable seating for 12, great coffee shop food, and free WiFi.

-Well-rounded assortment of fishing bait and tackle, including two lines of soft plastic baits, Producto, and C-4 Lures (In-house brand) not found elsewhere in Western New York (to my knowledge).

Silver Trail Outfitters

-Jackson fishing and recreational kayaks

-Firearms and hunting supplies

-Camping gear

About the Owners

The proprietors are Jeff Fiorito and Kyle Slocum.  Jeff is the “equipment guy” and says that he started Silver Trail Outfitters because he has a passion for the outdoors.  Both Jeff and Kyle are veterans of the US Armed Forces.  Jeff has served in the Marine Corps and is currently in the New York National Guard, and served tours in both Iraq and Kuwait.  Kyle is retired from the National Guard, and served in Afghanistan.

Location and Phone

37 South Main St.

Perry, NY  14530


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