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My first move is always re-spool all my reels. If you aren’t doing it halfway through the season anyway you need to be refreshing your line at some point in the season. Some years I need to change it out three times. This might seem excessive but the chances are nicking your line up on a regular basis and don’t even realize it. If you want to keep fish, keep your line fresh.

Spinner Bait

Another reel upkeep issue is keeping the reels clean inside and out. Doing a little cleaning of the gears and making sure that junk stays out is so important to longevity. A good oil and lube job at least once a year can keep you on the water without frustration longer. I personally want my first day out on the water to be a great day with no hitch in it.

Attacking the tackle box(es) can be a little intimidating, especially if you have a bunch of tackle to do through. First thing I look into are my treble hooks on my jerk and crank baits. These may have oxidized over the winter just from being metal.

If need be, the split rings may need replacing with the hooks depending on how badly the rust attacked the eye of the hook over the winter. I have taken an extra step and, on my most often used crank and jerk baits, I have attached oval split rings to try and keep my knots from getting stuck in the round split ring opening and risking loosing the lure from fraying or twisting right off the lure.

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