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Some Notes on the Introductory Issue

Kevin here.

I wanted to take a few minutes and dole out some thanks to everyone involved in this magazine.

For anyone that has managed a website, you’ll know it isn’t easy.  Yes, tools are out there that make it easier to get online than ever before, but doing it well takes a lot of time, and a lot of patience.

Randy, Jimmy, and Paul have dedicated a lot of hours to putting their articles together. I did the web layout, and a few articles.  Jimmy designed our logo.

Yes, Paul had the help of a graduate student for Size Matters, but he still had to type up the results, and edit them.  I think.  Maybe Ali did that too.  We’ll never know.  (Write me, Ali…)

This first issue is just that: the humble beginnings of what we hope to make a focal point in the Western New York outdoors community.  We want to encourage other voices to speak up in the comments section, or write letters to the editor (me), or submit guest posts about their companies, or just to talk about the state of Western New York fishing.

We hope to spark some debate.  The internet age has brought about a certain level of “false machismo” in that area, but there’s still room for good dialogue. We’d like to house a lot of that here.

Fly Rod Smallie

So as you’re reading this first issue, please do two things.

1.)  Log in with your social media accounts, share the pieces, and by all means let us know your opinion.

2.)  Remember that this is a fledgling operation.  It will get bigger, and it will get better.

Thanks for your time.  It’s something none of us have enough of.  And most of us would rather be fishing than reading.  But it IS 27 degrees out.  So we hope you consider this time well spent.


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