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On The Muskellunge…

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Sometimes a plan works out even better than it’s supposed to…

…but for me, it seldom does when fishing. Here is my account of a notable exception.

Two fishing seasons ago when World renowned muskie angler Pete Maina contacted me via Twitter and told me I was the winner of an autographed lure and my choice of one of his DVDs, I had no idea that it would culminate in one of my most memorable fishing adventures to date. Although muskies have always been a species that I wanted to target, I had never mounted a serious effort to go after them. A few weeks after receiving the gargantuan muskie lure the opportunity presented itself when a friend invited me to go out on his boat. I thought it was as good as time to give muskie fishing a try on Waneta and Lamoka Lakes.

Waneta and Lamoka lakes are two small lakes connected by short channel and are among just a handful of lakes where muskie may be caught in Western New York. In my mind, I had prepared myself for dismal failure due to the reputation that muskies have for being difficult to catch. In anticipation for the trip, I had played out a scenario in my mind whereby we would fish for muskies for a couple of hours, catch nothing, then go catch some bass to save the day. I had a plan, but nothing could be farther from what actually happened.

Muskie 1We were on the morning by 5:28am and went directly to a stretch of shoreline where my friend had been told was a good area to try for muskies.  The day before, I had set up for trolling using my Daiwa Accudepth Plus 47LC rig that I use for trolling for salmon in Lake Ontario spooled with 30lb test braid and a 5-inch steel leader.  At the end, I had clipped on the autographed Sebile lure that Pete Maina had sent to me.  Along with Pete’s signature on the lure, he wrote “Hang on!”.  That’s exactly what I did when I proceeded to catch not just one, but THREE MUSKIES WITHIN 1.5 HOURS!

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