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Use Less Gas, Catch More Bass

Of course we could just not hit the water and put the extra cash into little Johnny’s college fund but where is the fun in that? Here are a few tips to keep the cost down on the water and keep the fun factor up. First try to drive less both too the water and once on the water to save that precious gas. Think about fishing holes close to home that may not seem as glamorous or productive. Often closer, smaller, local waters are over looked and under fished. Take the time to fish these and revisit other “unproductive” local areas, paying closer attention to irregularities in structure that may have been over looked and miss fished before.

Limit the “run and gun” approach to larger waters. If a spot seems like it should be holding fish than it probably is. Rather than empty the tank, exhaust your tackle and presentation options until you are 100 percent sure there are no fish to be caught. Think about the phrase money = power, use finesse fishing techniques vs. power fishing options to save some money. Take your time and be strategic and your wallet and gas tank will likely stay a little fuller.

The itch to travel in search of that next trophy cannot easily be scratched. Think of planning fishing trips around other events or family obligations. Why not take an extra day to hit the water when you are already driving half way across the state for a wedding reception. Extend that family reunion a few more days and get back out on the water where it all started.

Combining fishing trips with obligatory engagements is bound to save some gas money at the very least and perhaps make the weekend a little more entertaining at that. Or to conclude you could beat the need to pump all together and try out some paddle power. Trade in that bass boat for a fishing kayak and little Jonny will thank you later.


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