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Use Less Gas, Catch More Bass

New rod ready, reels lubed and freshly re-spooled, crank baits tuned and organized by color size and running depth, weather checked, charts plotted, the coffee is in the thermos and the trailer is all hooked up and ready to go. The boat has been cleaned and waxed, oil and plugs changed, tackle is stored and ready.

First stop is the mini mart for gas and a few snacks. Grab a few beverages and treats to hold you over till lunch, and then start pumping, and pumping, and pumping. First you fill the truck, then the boat. The ticker hits nearly 90 gallons before you hear the finishing click. At 4 dollars per gallon, 360 dollars and a major part of your pay check just got pumped out of your bank account and into your day on the water. Combine that with the fresh spinner bait set up or new Senko color that’s guaranteed to be hot for that day, and you have quite the investment, one that would rival most people’s retirement contributions for the month or year for that matter.Less Gas More Bass

Gas prices are clearly back on the rise just in time for the spring and summer months. Accompanied by the rise in cost at the pumps it’s no secret that we aren’t exactly living in the most flourishing of economic times. WNY is no stranger to a funk in economic prosperity, as in this part of the country we seemed to hit the bottom of the curve long before much of the rest of the nation. Although WNY fisherman and sportsman alike have adapted thus far to rising costs in order to keep tradition alive a few recent jabs could have us pinching pennies and dollars this season. With the increase in gas being obvious, we also have to consider the recent end to the previous Bush tax cut extension.

Although a mere 2.5% less in a paycheck each week doesn’t seem like a whole lot it can certainly add up. The average salary in western NY is around $35,000 per year. All things the same the average person is seeing about 16 dollars a week less in their pay checks. Add that all up and you’re bringing home an entire less paycheck a year. That’s equivalent to multiple tanks of gas, a few rods or reels, half a new fishing kayak, or a decade supply of plastic baits.

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