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A Kayak Fly Fishing Primer

You can certainly ask permission of course, and likely should.

Fly Fishing in a Kayak is Like Wading Hip Deep


kayak fly fishing 2One of the first questions I get asked, and get asked a lot, is “how can you fly fish out of one of those things”?  If you think about it, being in a sit on top kayak is no different than wading hip deep in a stream.  You’re in the exact same position relative to your surroundings.

Sit on top kayaks are also very stable.  Newer models even make it fairly easy to stand on them, and cast, once you get the feel for it.  Kayak technology has come a long way: they are lighter, ride higher, and are more stable than you can imagine.

Other accessories, such as “standing bars” or “leaning bars” can be attached to your sit on stop, making them even more stable, despite your overall… grace.

Some models are really working on “dug out” designs, giving you what amounts to a 12 foot stripping basket at your feet.

Think about the implications of standing on a kayak to fly fish.  In practice, you’re actually standing 5 inches above the water.  I’ve successfully cast a full reel of line right down to the backing on calm days on a lake.  If I’m 50 feet from shore, with a half mile of lake behind me, and standing on my KC Kayak K12 seat, there’s absolutely nothing preventing me from casting that far: nothing to worry about behind me, and at an optimal casting height.

Kayaks Are Quiet

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