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Guys, Flies and Pies 2013 Fly Tying Event

What began as a humble fly tying get together among four friends in the living room of Michael Simmons six years ago, has grown into one of the largest and funnest events in New York State Angling history. Of course, I’m referring to Guys, Flies, and Pies. Guys (and an increasing number of gals), who tie flies, and eat “pies” in the form of a seemingly limitless supply of pizza for an evening is what this event is all about. Add to this the fact that there are an incredible array of fishing related door prizes and raffle items, and you have an accurate description of this annual phenomenon that takes place during the winter in Rochester.


This year Guys, Flies, and Pies (GFP) took place on 16 February 2013 at the Roger Robach Community Center (Bathhouse) at Ontario Beach Park at 180 Beach Avenue,Rochester, NY 14612, and was attended by 81 people who varied greatly in age, interest, and experience, from complete neophytes to grizzled veterans of fly tying. Trust
me, this ain’t your stereotypical purist traditonal fly tying workshop. Picture unconventional bass fly anglers tying poppers sitting side by side with trout anglers tying
miniscule true-to-life midges. This combination makes for a fun family atmosphere and a great way to learn how to tie flies, no matter what type of fishing you want to do.

At a cost of 10$ for advanced admission, and $12 at the door, GFP offers Western New York anglers and fly tiers and outstanding venue for socializing, sharing information and talents, and of course, swapping fish stories.

Guys, Flies, and Pies event, 16 February 2013, at the Roger Robach Community Center at Ontario Beach Park.

I asked the founder, Michael Simmons, about how GFP got its start, and grew into what it is today.

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