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Getting Your Fishing Nickname

Whether you were given one by your father or grandfather as a kid and it is still used, or your high school sports buddies gave it to you and still use it, we all have a nickname. Some of us would like to forget names like Skidster (use your imagination there) or even the sarcastic “water boy” since you were a bench warmer. Some nicknames come from and action that was witnessed and others based off of appearance.


I have had a few nicknames that have stuck in certain people’s heads. “Yancy Fancy Pantsy” is my soccer nickname that still gets used to this day when we I play with a certain few people. The nickname that has always stuck with me is Skippy. My father has called me this since I was young. It was usually a last ditch effort to pull me away from some activity I was so enamored with that Jimmy just wouldn’t cut it.

One of my close church buddies added to it last year. He invited me out on Rushford Lake in Allegany County for a half day to fish for Smallmouth. The day started at the back of the boat casting at dock pilings. Having just picked up a new rod I wasn’t terribly accurate with casting at the docks yet, so I improvised.

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