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To Cast or Not to Cast

The sun is high in the sky, water temperatures have risen enough so a quick splash no longer sends a chill through your body. April showers are starting to bring in those May flowers. The shore line is green once again and the water is clear and aquatic vegetation is just starting to make its presence.

Casting to Spawning Bass

(Typically bedding LM Bass complements of www.lurenet.com)

You’re cruising the shallows looking for a piece of isolated structure and suddenly you catch a glimpse of that lunker you have only seen in your dreams, and on NBC Outdoors of course. Promptly you notice that it’s not one but two potential trophy fish in your sights. Then it becomes apparent as you notice they are surrounded by a white halo like fish holding fortress that you have just stumbled upon an actively spawning bass bed.

You want to immediately launch whatever is on your line out there but you know there is more going on here, physically and mentally. To cast or not to cast becomes the question at that moment, and an age old question as to the right and wrongs of catching actively spawning fish.

Certain species of fish such as inland trout, steelhead, and early run salmon have a taboo and stigma about actively pursuing spawning pairs. Often DEC and DNR fishing reports highly suggest to NOT target these fish at the peak spawning time of the year per species.

Then you can read an article or blog post on a Bassmasters.com or similar bass tournament geared site that alludes to the fact that if bed raiding is not in your arsenal of tactics don’t even bother showing up for tournament day. How is one to know what is right and wrong or when it’s right and wrong for that matter?

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