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Changes to Western New York Fishing Regulations – 2013

Rainbow Trout Daily Limit/Lake Trout Limit – Western Finger Lakes

For Canadice, Hemlock, Seneca, Keuka and Canandaigua Lakes, the daily rainbow trout creel limit has been drastically reduced from 5 to 1.  Further, the tributaries of these lakes have seen the daily rainbow trout creel limit reduced from 3 to 1.

This is a substantial change, and may lead us to think that the rainbow trout populations of these lakes are suffering, or other trout species are becoming more prevalent.

However, the daily bag limits for these lakes in general remains 5 trout in any combination.  To make up for the reduction in Rainbows allowed per day, the Lake Trout limit has been made 5, as opposed to 3.  Previously, for your 5 trout limit, only 3 were allowed to be Lakers.  This is no longer the case.


Upper Niagara River and Tributaries – Trout Size

The bag limit for Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout (Including Steelhead), Coho Salmon, Chinook Salmon, and Pink Salmon remains 3 in any combination, however all size restrictions have been removed.  Note, this does NOT include Lake Erie tributaries.  For Lake Erie and its respective tributaries, 12 inches remains the minimum.

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